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Best Sellers:

Our best-selling complete manual of Esthetic Dentistry


Bring yourself up to speed on implants with our number-one-selling text on implant dentistry

Chairside Dental Assisting
Torres & Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting - our number one best-seller in the entire store!


Our best-selling orthodontic textbook

Dental Practice Management
Our best-selling training manual for business staff

New 9th edition of this ever-popular text now available

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Oral Biology

Doctors - find books here for your reception room!

Anesthesia & Sedation
Oral Pathology & Medicine
Behavior Modification Oral Surgery Braces
Clinical Dentistry Orthodontics Children's
Dental Books
Cosmetic Dentistry Pedodontics Cosmetic
Dental Assisting (including board preparation) Perio & Prevention General Dental Care
Dental Hygiene (including board preparation) Pharmacology Mercury Controversy
Dental Materials Practice Management-Finance & Regulations

Dental Office Emergencies Practice Management -General  
Endodontics Practice Management-Marketing  
Fixed Prosthodontics Practice Management-Theory  
History Psychology of Dental Care & Anxiety  
Humor Radiology Videos and Media
Implants Removable Prosthodontics Clinical Dentistry
Laboratory Technology Restorative Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry

Occlusion and TMJ

Spanish-English dental dictionaries - see Practice Management Dental Assisting
Operative Dentistry Test Preparation (DAT & boards) (board preparation) Practice Management


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 Professional Articles

Occlusion and TMJ
Anesthesia & Sedation Oral Biology
Clinical Dentistry (Operative Dentistry) Oral Pathology & Medicine
Cosmetic Dentistry Oral Surgery
Dental Assisting Orthodontics
Dental Hygiene Pedodontics
Dental Materials Perio & Prevention
Dental Office Emergencies Pharmacology
Dental Public Health Physiology
Endodontics Practice Management-Finance & Regulations
Fixed Prosthodontics Practice Management -General
History Practice Management-Marketing
Humor Radiology
Implants Removable Prosthodontics
Laboratory Technology Restorative Dentistry
Microbiology Test Preparation
Recommended choices:

Our popular new Oral Surgery text for the general dentist


Recommended for hygiene board exam preparation.


A popular choice for offices that need to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Keep a copy on hand, just in case!


Review for National Dental Boards - a popular choice for dental students


Our most popular book for preparing for the DAT

New book from Quintessence on Digital Photography



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Buy all your dentistry books online from America's Dental Bookstore - opened December 2002! We feature hundreds of dental books: professional dentistry books, textbooks, consumer-oriented dental information, and children's dental books. We research what titles are available from the major dental publishing houses: Quintessence, Elsevier Science, C.V. Mosby, Saunders, Churchill Livingstone, Butterworth-Heinemann, Pennwell, Lippincott, a variety of University Presses and other general publishers, plus some titles you won't find in any other bookstore. That means that you can have all the information about the books you need right here on our site. Then we organize this information as only a dentist would know how to help save you time while you shop!

Here's how it works: Browse our site and find the books you want. When you click to buy the item, you'll be connected to the supplier for that book. The supplier will bill and ship to you directly, in the minimum amount of time, for the minimum price available. Sometimes we get the items directly from the publisher and ship them to you. Usually the supplier is, but some books are shipped directly from America's Dental Bookstore.

Subjects included are: x-rays, anesthesia, sedation, anatomy, clinical dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental assisting, dental hygiene, endodontics, fixed prosthodontics, implants, oral biology, oral pathology, oral surgery, orthodontics, patient education, pedodontics, periodontics, pharmacology, practice management, anxiety, removable prosthodontics, technician subjects. Please search the table of contents for the subjects you want. Buy all your dental books from our online dental bookstore.

Information around the Internet:

If you want to see some photographs of beautiful cosmetic dentistry, check out the smile gallery in the website of West Palm Beach dentist Dr. Sam Sadati of The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. He does beautiful work and did the May 2011 cover for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. Look for his smile gallery.
And one of the best sources on the Internet for straightforward and thorough information about dental implants is the website of Dr. Arthur Chal in Phoenix. He is a particular expert on dental implant failure. Click here to read that page, and then explore the rest of the site for comprehensive information about the successful treatment of edentulous patients with dental implants.

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