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My crown didn’t whiten

I don’t understand what happend. I spent a few hundred dollars to whiten my teeth, but the crown, right in the front of my smile, didn’t whiten at all. Now my smile looks ridiculous. How do I fix this?

Kathryn C. – New Jersey


I’m a little frustratrated with your dentist. Even those with the most elementary skill in cosmetic dentistry know that dental work, such as dental crowns, will not whiten with teeth whitening.

The only way to fix this now is to have your crown re-done.  When you do that, make sure you use a different dentist. You’ll also want to make sure he gives you all porcelain crowns.

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Stop your restoration!

My dentist had given me several dental crowns. I wasn’t happy with them, because they were ugly and always left a black line at my gumline. I’ve moved and my new dentist said that my crowns are not only ugly, but have damaged my bite. He is doing a complete bite restoration with 28 crowns. I’ve got the temporary ones. I’m having a little trouble eating with them, but that’s probably because they are temporary. I would like to have the eye teeth extended a little. Is that being too picky?

Renee N. – Rhode Island


I’m going to strongly suggest you stop this restoration right away. Your temporary crowns should not be uncomfortable at all, especially not while eating. I would tell him not to continue until they’ve worked out the issue with your temp. crowns.

To answer your question, no, it is not too picky to want your eye teeth extended. It is your smile. You’re paying a significant amount of money. You’re certainly within your rights to want it to look a certain way.

I’m a little concerned that your new dentist doesn’t know what they’re doing either.  A full mouth restoration is a very advanced, complicated procedure. If it’s not done well, you will have serious TMJ problems, which can ruin your quality of life for years to come. I would ask your dentist where he got his restoration training. If he says the Pankey Institue or Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, then I’d be a little more comfortable with you moving forward. If not, I’d get out and get a second opinion.

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