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Essentials of Pathology for Dentistry

Features: * Provides dental students with an appropriate alternative to medical pathology textbooks * Puts general and systemic pathology into a dental context with appropriate examples * Adapted to the new curricula and methods of teaching * No competing book addresses the subject specifically for the dental student * Concise coverage of the major areas of general pathology, such as inflammation and repair and neoplasia * Case histories make the book suitable for problem orientated courses * Illustrated with high quality colour photographs

Cellular Processes In Pathology. Genetics. Inflammation, Wound Healing And Repair. Basic Principles Of Immunology And Its Significance In Dental Practice. Microbes And Infection. Growth Disorders And Neoplasia. Cardiovascular Disease. Diseases Of The Blood. Respiratory Disease. Gastrointestinal Tract. Renal, Urinary And Genital Tract Disease. Bone And Joint Disease. Central Nervous Disease. Endocrine Disease. Diseases Of The Skin.  

From the Publisher
    This book focuses on what dental students need to know about general and systematic pathology. It covers the major areas of general pathology which are essential for the understanding of disease processes, and those aspects of systematic pathology relevant to dental practice. Additional chapters cover the genetic basis of disease, immunology, and microbiology." "Points of special relevance to dentistry are clearly listed, and case studies are used extensively in the systemic pathology section." "Dental students will find here a concise and relevant account of pathology tailored to their own needs.

    The book contains color illustrations.

  From The Critics
    Doody Review Services
Reviewer: Bruce F. Barker, DDS (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry)
Description: This book is an attempt to condense basic pathologic principles and systemic pathology for dentists and dental students.
Purpose: Case studies and summary boxes often re-emphasize dental implications of the pathologic processes. This is an excellent concept. The case studies are a unique feature in a pathology book and should be thought-provoking to all students, not just those in a problem-based learning curriculum.
Audience: Dental students and dentists are the intended audience.
Features: The information is current and accurate, but omissions are noticeable. Several of these omissions, in the areas of inflammation, immunology, and AIDS, are frequently included questions on national dental boards in the U.S. This alone would prevent many U.S. dental schools from using this book. There is little or no discussion of several fungal diseases common to the U.S. and features of other diseases unique to the U.S. population are understandably absent from this U.K. book.
Assessment: The book we use in the dental school is Basic Pathology, 6th edition, by Kumar, Cotran and Robbins (W.B. Saunders, 1997). [Note to Customer - this book is listed here at America's Dental Bookstore as  Robbins Basic Pathology, and we feature the 7th edition, 2002.] The book is more complete in covering most subjects, and I agree that much of the detail is not necessary for dentists and dental students to know. However, Basic Pathology is very readable, has higher quality paper, photographs, and figures, and a more complete bibliography at a cost of about $15 more. The cost difference does not justify switching books for the problem-based learning, case study approach.