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Designing Your Perfect Dental Practice: Foundations of Clinical Success

DESIGNING YOUR PERFECT DENTAL PRACTICE: FOUNDATIONS OF CLINICAL SUCCESS shows how today's dentist can design their own future, establish a philosophy to make it come true, then translate that philosophy into practical, usable business management solutions.

The result is an easy-to-read, straightforward guide equally as valuable for the recent graduate as the veteran looking to put their practice into prime, resalable form. Hislop involves the reader by telling the fictitious story of a fellow dentist, Steve, who is simply overwhelmed and seeing his practice and life approaching toward a crisis point. Steve is skillfully interwoven into the nonfiction material, adding insight and some levity to the excellent text.

What other benefits can result from applying Hislop's guidelines? More efficient operations, better patient outcomes, higher profits, reduction in malpractice risk, true quality control on referrals, clear communication between doctors and their staff, better staff relations, faster patient service, better patient compliance and retention, outstanding practice growth, piece of mind that the practice philosophy is understood and followed, no patients "lost to recall" or "lost to referral," establishes an environment with which managed care can't compete, and increased referrals for specialists.

About the Author
Jay M. Hislop, D.D.S. lives with his wife and two daughters in California, where he is the owner and consulting director of the Echelon Consulting Group, an innovative practice management consulting company. Dr. Hislop's company specializes in dental practice analysis, practice operations, strategic planning, time management, goal setting, and quality of life issues. He also has experience and expertise in the area of practice sales, mergers, group practice formation, and retirement transitions.

Jay is a 1978 graduate of the U.C.L.A. School of Dentistry and the General Practice Residency at Valley Medical Center of Fresno. In his practice he focused primarily on full-mouth reconstruction, periodontal prosthetics, and esthetic dentistry. He has been in public health practice as the founding Dental Director of the Battlefords Indian Health Centre in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has also been an owner and general dentist in solo and group practices in Stockton, California.

Jay has been active in continuing education, and has attended most of the prominent programs on clinical dentistry and practice management. After completing the entire course of studies at the L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Key Biscayne, Florida, be was invited to join the faculty and, later, the Board of Directors of the Institute. Jay currently teaches courses at the Pankey Institute that address the anterior and posterior considerations of the full-mouth reconstruction case.

Dr. Hislop lectures on the subjects of quality care of practice management and administration, business operations, advanced communications, dental reconstruction and rehabilitation, and periodontal prosthetics. He has written and lectured on the subject of the threat of managed care to quality practice, and issues of practice management both domestically and internationally since 1980. He is active in organized dentistry, serving in a number of committees and Board of Directors positions and as President of his component dental society in 1998.

Editorial Reviews

Thomas W. Dawson, D.D.S.
"A great blueprint for those dentists seeking the highest level of professional excellence!"

Christian Sager, Executive Director, The Pankey Institute
New insights, focus, and motivation for the dentist committed to success in the fee-for-service practice.

Dr. Irwin Becker, Chairman, Department of Education, The Pankey Institute
This book, DESIGNING YOUR PERFECT DENTAL PRACTICE, is like a journey through the best of practice management and philosophy courses. I believe the truths learned from this book will help every dentist enjoy their practice more and be able to spend more time with the technical and behavioral aspects of their practice.