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Dental Admission Test (DAT) Computerized Sample Tests and Guide, TopScore Pro for the DAT


3 complete COMPUTERIZED DATs (not a couple other products!); a full-featured software program that actually prepares pre-dental students for the REAL THING. 840+ comprehensive questions covering ALL sections IN THE ACTUAL computerized DAT format. PaceSetter(tm) to pace yourself; Detailed reports with question topics/subtopics; Easy to use! Experience the DAT BEFORE the real thing.

DON'T be fooled by other products that claim multiple tests yet have their "own format" of the computer test or an old paper test in a book. CURRENT dental students continually update our software to give YOU the MOST accurate formatted simulation AND the MOST computerized tests available anywhere. It's a great product! Guaranteed!


Windows 95 or higher, Pentium 166Mhz, 32MB RAM, 100MB free space

From the Publisher

USED CD’s: ScholarWare’s guarantee of use applies to new original purchasers only.

TopScore Pro is used by thousands of students every year to successfully prepare for their test. It is an easy to use thorough test simulation product that can definitely give you an advantage over competing students.

Good luck on your test!

Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars Don't buy the used one online!, September 17, 2002

  Reviewer: A reader from Alameda, CA United States

I bought an used TopScore Pro CD online to prepare my DAT. However, I didn't know it has a "license agreement", forbidding people from sharing with friends. The CD is activated for only 6 months starting the day of the official purchase. This is stated in the "license agreement" in the CD which I didn't know before I bought it. The CD that I bought from the seller was already expired! I was trying to save money but ended up losing it. Watch out every pre-dental student. We need to be a legitimate customer to protect the copyright for others! I almost fell in the trap and violate this license agreement.

5 out of 5 stars An excellent preparatory tool, December 18, 2002

  Reviewer: A reader from West Covina, CA United States

There are few things in the world that wouldn't benefit from at least a little improvement, and TOPScore comes very close to being one of those things.

In general, I was very satisfied (pleasantly surprised might be a more accurate assessment) with my performance on the DAT, and I'm convinced that I wouldn't have done so well if I hadn't purchased the program.

These tests are a very helpful diagnostic tool; the answer keys provided give a short description of the subject matter dealt with in each question. By reviewing these keys, I was able to identify my weaknesses and hone in on them.

To accompany the CD, I used a set of Kaplan MCAT (yes, MCAT) study guides; the Biology, Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry volumes--each about 200 pages--gave a fairly complete synopsis of what was tested on both the practice DAT and the genuine article. I did not have the benefit of plant biology, zoology, or mathematics review guides, and I strongly recommend investing in a set of these as well. Although not much of the DAT is devoted to plant biology and taxonomy/zoology, they're bound to be addressed and, unlike the MCAT, you should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of this material.

Having said that, the DAT (at least the one I sat for) seemed substantially more difficult than the practice exams offered by TOPScore. The PAT was--to put it lightly--challenging. General Chemistry was difficult and the QR was nearly impossible. Reading Comprehension was confusing at best and as for Biology and Organic Chemistry, well, you either know it or you don't.

So why would I recommend this product so highly? Here are a few reasons, amongst many others:

1. It acquaints you with the testing format. The DAT is nothing more than a computer program, and as with any computer program, experience improves your ability to use it. By the time you take the test, it'll be old hat.

2. It focuses your attention on potentially weak areas.

3. It helps you learn to pace yourself while taking the test.

I cannot stress how much more difficult the real DAT is compared with these tests, despite the degree to which many others submitting reviews have attested to the relative "easiness" of the real DAT.

But here's the really interesting part. I haven't taken a lower-level science class for five years and haven't touched math for just as long. On the TOPScore test, my scores were as follows:

Bio: 17; GChem: 16; OChem: 15; Science Total: 16
Quantitative Reasoning: 19; Reading: 21; Academic Total: 17
PAT: 21

Needless to say, I was worried--I took this test the day before taking the real test. I went to take the exam the next morning and was blown over by the questions. Being able to regain your composure in situations like this can be a lifesaver. So, expecting the worst, I clicked on the "Finished" button to receive my scores and, lo and behold:

Bio: 20; GChem: 19; OChem: 18; Science Total: 19
Quantitative Reasoning: 16; Reading: 25; Academic Total: 20
PAT: 22

I admit the maths score was horrible, but now that you know, you won't do the same, right?

So the moral of this story is fourfold:

1. Start studying well in advance, especially if you don't have time to shut yourself in for a whole week before the test like I did.

2. Study ALL of biology including plants and lower organisms.

3. Study your trigonometry.

4. Don't panic.

At the beginning I suggested there are a few things that could be improved with TOPScore.

First and foremost, the answer key should me navigable so that the student is able to identify the question type and go right to it in order to address problem areas.

Second, while TOPScore is a good indicator of PAT scores, its PAT test is far easier than the real deal. Something ought to be done about that.

Third, TOPScore seems to repeat science questions (or permutations thereof) throughout the exam. You'll get a false sense of security. On the other hand, TOPScore grades much more harshly than the real DAT. I didn't even want to take the real test after having done so poorly on the practice. Beware!

In a nutshell, the grades you receive on TOPScore will probably be far lower than what you will earn on the DAT. By contrast, the questions you will receive on the real DAT will be far more difficult than those you encounter in the practice tests. Beware!

3 out of 5 stars It helped a little, October 29, 2002

  Reviewer: Nick from Michigan

The first time I took the DAT I received a 16 overall, then I used the topscore pro along with Kaplan and got an 18. I think it really helped me to pace myself since there were 3 practice tests very similar to the actual DAT. The PAT a bit more challenging on the actual DAT, and the quantitative reasoning was much more challenging on the actual DAT, but everything else was actually easier on the actual DAT. I would recommend using the CD in addition to a book such as Kaplan and a lot of practice.

4 out of 5 stars The REAL Truth About the DAT, September 20, 2002

  Reviewer: A reader from Austin, Texas United States

OK, it's time to set the record straight. I remembered reading about TopScore on Amazon and ...that TopScore's practice tests are EXACTLY like the real DAT. So I ...ordered the cd. AFter taking the real test, these are my thoughts:
1) The CD is good, very similar, but NOT exactly like the real DAT. Trust me.
2) The Perceptual part is WAY harder on the real test. The CD is too easy. I can't tell you how to practice for it, but PRACTICE. The angle ranking on the real thing is crazy. ... At least the Topscore CD has the same format.
3) ... Biology is a tricky subject because there are an infinite number of questions they can ask. Know it all.
4) The reading is very different than the CD-ROM. The CD's questions were straightforward, on the real thing the questions are like "what is the author trying to say?" and stuff like that.
5) Expect the unexpected. I mean just because they tell you all the articles in the reading section are scientific doesn't mean they are... I know mine weren't!