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The "Lorin Library" Smile Style Shape Guide was developed by Lorin Berland, DDS and David L. Traub, DMD. The idea was to develop the best way to aid the patient in communicating their desires to the dentist and then for the dentist to communicate those desires to the lab. The 3 characteristic shapes of the cuspid, lateral, and central were evaluated and matched in all esthetic combinations to form 18 distinct smile types. The restorations were carefully constructed by Westbrook Dental Lab under the guidance of Dr Berland. They were then seated with try-in paste on a live patient and photographed from the front and side views. The resulting images were organized into:

  • The customizable Smile Selection Workbook
  • The digital imaging library

The Smile Selection Workbook is a 40-page color manual with an entire page devoted to each smile design. The cover of each workbook is customized with your name to make it suitable for placement in your reception and conference rooms. The portrait, close-up smile, and profile smile views are shown for each design. Your patient can browse the book to select which smile design they like best. The side view helps your patient see how others see them from the side. You can reference this selection when designing the case and when sending the case to the lab. If you have computer imaging capability you can use this design to simulate your patient's new smile.

The digital imaging library consists of the 18 smile designs ready for incorporation into any cosmetic imaging program. For most of the popular programs you will import the entire smile for each design. You can create your own "Extraction" library from these images as your program allows. If you use Digital Dentist, the smiles are available in both full smile versions and as individual tooth objects (mini-images that can be “dragged” and placed into a patient's photo for simulation of veneers or crowns).

The "Lorin Library" Smile Style Shape Guide encourages the doctor and patient to select the desired smile design from the Workbook. You can photocopy a smile design from the book and send it with instructions to your lab. If you have cosmetic imaging capability, the imager can select the corresponding digital file to simulate the proposed dental treatment.

Although the "Lorin Library" Smile Style Shape Guide will function great with any cosmetic imaging software program, the combination of Digital Dentist with "Lorin Library" Smile Style Shape Guide provides the highest level of patient-doctor communication and imaging capability!

Click here to order the "Lorin Library" Smile Style Shape Guide through Digident

What Dentists Are Saying

I sold a large case yesterday because of Lorin's library and I have only had it two days.

The Lorin Library is the best I have seen.

Dr. Tony Soileau
Lafayette, La.

... the primary difference between the Lorin Library and what preceded it would be the overall usefulness of the images. That is, the shade, surface texture and shapes, not to mention the variety of presentations, take the smile transfer possibilities to a new level. The quick application now renders use of Digital Dentist, a practical chair-side process. ... in the majority of instances, a reasonable simulation can be had in about five minutes time. (with just a little practice and know how) This might be ready for Prime enough for anyone that can work a mouse and turn on a computer.

Dr Marty Goldstein, Contributing Editor, Dentistry Today

We use the Lorin Library every day with success! With something like the LL, the patient makes all their decision based on internal desire with an intended outcome (to look good). They pick the shape they want and they declare why they want it. This is not even co-diagnosing, it is self-diagnosis based on personal desires. I have found that the patient feels in control, likes the choices and appreciates us more and feels we are more dedicated to them.

I must tell you Lorin that you have an excellent product for veneers, full porcelain restorative and dentures. It does more than educate, it emotionally involves the patient in the possibilities and the decisions. I use the Lorin Library booklet and it serves me extremely well. It has sold me many cosmetic cases. I am calling my lab tomorrow and twist some arms so they will have their own copy. It makes lab communication much more clear.

Dr. Mac Lee

I recently got the Lorin Library. This is, by FAR, the best smile guide. What is most striking is the simplicity of the layout. There are 18 "smile styles" all represented on the same model's face. The cool thing about this catalog is the consistency of the composition of the photos. They are dead-on identical. This makes it easy to compare one "smile-style" to another. This book is very user-friendly... for both dentist and patient. Mine is going out into the waiting room. Once you see this book, you will wonder how you every wrote a lab script for a cosmetic case without specifying the "smile-style." This adds a whole new dimension (literally and figuratively) to cosmetic cases as it relates to patient case discussions and lab scripts.

Michael I. Barr, D.D.S.

I would like to relate a personal anecdote I feel positively demonstrates the effective communication power offered by the Lorin Library. I had a particularly challenging case in which the patient was unsure of how she wanted her new smile to appear, but knew what she did not like. She was not happy with my first three attempts and was about to begin round four when the Lorin Library was presented to her. After weeks of being worried about her smile and numerous visits to the lab and the dentist, she was a little frustrated, to say the least. As she looked through the smile library, she brightened up. When she saw the exact way she wanted to look she was instantly elated. She turned to me and asked bluntly, "Why didn't you show me this before?" I proudly told her the smile selection catalogue had just been developed. At last, the doctor, patient and laboratory were able to communicate with undeniable clarity to provide the patient with the smile she always wanted. Imagine how much time and frustration could have been saved if we had the Lorin Library to present sooner!

Paul Westbrook,
Westbrook and Associates

I just received the Lorin Library digital images update... I reiterate... it blows away the competition!!!! I love watching the patients start to look at the details of the smile they want before they have even committed to doing the case.

Dr. Charles Barotz

The Lorin Library Smile Guide is just wonderful! We sold a complete set of front veneers the first day it came to our office, so it paid for itself in just one day! Thank you very much and best regards!

Dr. Markus P. Lorch
Oftringen, Switzerland

I just got my Lorin Library a couple of days ago and I must admit that it is worthy of all the hype! Lorin Berland & David Traub have done a wonderful job with this book and I urge everyone to add it to their offices. It shows 18 different smiles in a logical sequence that is easy for patients to understand. The images are clean and beautifully photographed.

Mike Maroon

The Lorin Library is exactly what it claims to be: the best smile guide in the industry. Fast and easy for the dentist, and fun and exciting for the patient, the lab will absolutely love receiving a clearly imaged picture and smile design with each of your restoration cases. The eye-appealing workbook can be customized for use in your practice, and the corresponding digital images are the best I've seen. Nothing tantalizes the patient's imagination more, than being able to actually see for themselves, the new smile they've always dreamed about, not to mention experimenting with the different tooth shapes, before beginning the work. Once they have decided, to go ahead with the restoration, and selected the look they want, your job is to convey their vision to the lab.

Any cosmetic dentistry practice that wants to excel, and has considered using state of the art cosmetic imaging as a sales tool, should try this one. Take my word for it, the Lorin Library is absolutely the best communication tool I have worked with, and really delivers the results you're looking for!

Best Regards,

David Block
Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc

Your commitment and hard work is a constructive element in the American society, by changing SMILES, you are reinforcing the moral of your fellow citizens and passing your message of peace "Smile to the World." Chapeau bas!

Fadi Sabbah, Beirut

The presentation is first class. You have many interesting techniques. I especially like the bite registration in progress technique.

Gary Williams, DDS

  • Anyone can use the Lorin Library, team or patient. The team and I were elated! We have been needing something just like this.
  • Create excitement in our patients.
  • Different shaped teeth can make such a difference.
  • Discriminating patients pick what they want.
  • Help me give patient the cosmetic temporaries they want and like.
  • Send a copy of the teeth shape the patient selected from the library to the lab.
  • That picture should make everything very predictable.
  • I have found that what the books tell us on how the teeth should be shaped, male or female, is not always what the individual patient wants.

I am learning shape is as important as shade for some folks. The Lorin Library will benefit all of dentistry! I use the Lorin Library and it serves me extremely well. It has sold me many cosmetic cases.

Dr. Mac Lee

I have "downloaded" my Lorin Library digital images upgrade... The new images fill the bill. I prefer taking my before portraits with a slight downward angle giving the front teeth a more attractive "bowed" appearance. The new library works... with these style portraits (too)!

Mark Absher
Imager / Office manager for Dr. Susan Hollar

I purchased the Digital Dentist system last month and am now practicing with it and truly love it. Thanks for producing a product with such a useful manual. It has made learning fun and simple.

Dr. Cliff Compton

PS I love the Lorin Library (don't tell Lorin)

I have found The Lorin Library more useful for me after I have committed to the cases. It helps me see what my possible options are and has really helped clear up misunderstandings with patients. We all have the ones who bring in magazine photos of Sarah Michelle Geller and want to have their teeth match. This gives a wonderful guide and explanation of what they are seeing. Lorin and David Traub have done a great job on this project.

Paul Feurestein, DMD

I use the Lorin Library for SmileDream Imaging which makes it a breeze to do these and my own case's. The teeth are an excellent blend of color and translucency which makes them look like teeth and not veneers. The guide is fantastic at showing different styles. The Lorin Library shows the different styles on the same face making it easier to distinguish them apart.

David Sultanov
Smile Dream Imaging