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Love is the Best Medicine: For Dental Patients and the Dental Team

This new book features a Foreword by Chicken Soup for the Soul® series co-creator, Mark Victor Hansen, and includes 100 touching stories by dental professionals such as Tom Orent, DMD; Steven L. Rasner, DMD, MAGD; Linda Miles, CSP, CMC; Cathy Jameson, PhD; Naomi Rhode, RDH, CSP, CPAE; and many, many more!

A wonderful companion book to Chicken Soup for the Dental Soul

Uses for this book: Patients buy it for themselves—and get an unforgettable, inspiring, inside look at dentistry • Patients give it to their friends and relatives • Parents give it to their children—of all ages • Patients give it to their dentists/dental hygienists/dental assistants/front desk staff • Dentists give it to their loyal/new/referring patients • Dentists donate copies to local libraries • Dentists give it to every member of their own dental team • Members of the dental team give it to relatives and friends • Dentists give it to referring dentists and their entire staffs • It makes a great fundraiser

In the last 30 years, co-author Donald M. Dible has honed his skills as an author, editor, compiler, and publisher of more than 40 books. One of the publishing companies he founded was sold to Prentice-Hall. As the co-author and primary distributor of Chicken Soup for the Dental Soul, his company, DMD House, has made that popular book the bestselling non-fiction, non-technical dental book of all time with more than 100,000 copies in print.

Co-author Richard H. Madow, DDS, is one of dentistry's most prolific and beloved writers. He is co-founder of The Madow Group, an internationally recognized publishing, educational, and marketing company best known for The Richards Report dental newsletter, The Richards Report Cassette Tape Series, The Richards Report Super Fall Seminar—dentistry's largest privately held seminar, Promail Marketing, and many other uniquely designed products and services.


"If you liked Chicken Soup for the Dental Soul, you'll LOVE Love Is the Best Medicine® for Dental Patients and the Dental Team."
Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the 80 million copy Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series
"Love Is the Best Medicine® is a breath of fresh air for dentists, their teams, and their patients…a delightful book, fun to read, and most uplifting."
Peter E. Dawson, DDS, Founder and Director Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study

"On days when it would be easy to just work on teeth, Love Is the Best Medicine® is a great reminder that there's a real person attached! Dentistry...with a heart. That's what it's all about!"
Walter Hailey, Founder, Dental Boot Kamp

"A brand new smile can be life-changing. I was deeply touched by the impact dentistry has had on the lives of those whose stories appear in Love Is the Best Medicine®."
William G. Dickerson, DDS, FAACD, Founder The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

“For those in the field of dentistry, we’re certain Love Is the Best Medicine® for Dental Patients and the Dental Team will wow your soul and make it glow as you feel new pride in your profession. For those hundreds of millions of dental patients out there, we have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy reading these true-life stories by—and about—the professionals who serve you in the dental office.”
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

Ideal Thank You Gifts for Your Patients

On a year ’round basis, many doctors present gifts to their patients as a special way of saying
thank you: for referrals, for long-term patient loyalty, or for the completion of a big case.

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Market your practice with our books. Give the books to libraries. There is a special framed area on the first page for you to place complete contact information for your practice.