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Esthetic Color Training in Dentistry

Key Features


  • Short, easy-to-read chapters present only the most important concepts of each topic, allowing for quick completion and comprehension.
  • The newest techniques in esthetic dentistry are presented, with implications for the future of each topic.
  • Full-color, high-quality art program serves as an instrumental tool in learning about color and shading, providing accurate color images for reference.
  • Over 25 expert contributors from a variety of dental schools lend their experience and knowledge of color and dental materials, ensuring accuracy of all material.
  • Interactive "drag-and-drop" exercises on CD-ROM sharpen users' color-matching skills by challenging them arrange color blocks in order of color (hue, saturation, and lightness changes).
  • CD-ROM exercises are logically ordered from least complex to most difficult, so that as users master topics, the next exercises expand upon concepts and challenge users to recall concepts and techniques.
  • CD-ROM exercises can be performed multiple times for unlimited practice.



Table of Contents


Part I: Color and Appearance 1. Color The Nature of Color The Physical Specification of Object Color The Human Color Vision System Color Perception 2. Colorimetry Color Specification Color Difference Evaluation Color Measuring Instruments 3. Other Appearance Attributes Translucency and Opacity Gloss Surface Roughness Opalescence Iridescence Fluorescence Phosphorescence

Part II: Natural Teeth And Esthetic Dental Materials 4. Natural Teeth Anatomy And Histology Of Teeth Optical Properties Of Human Teeth 5. Esthetic Dental Materials Dental Ceramics Resin Composites Denture Teeth And Prefabricated Teeth Denture Base Materials Tooth Bleachig Materials Glass Ionomer Restorative Materials Hybrid Ionomer Restorative Materials Maxillofacial Materials Orthodontic Materials Pediatric Dentistry Materials Interim Restorative Materials Standardization Of Color And Appearance Of Dental Materials

Part III: Color And Appearance –Matching, Communication & Reproduction 6. The Foundation Of Color Education Color Vision And Dentistry Education In Color And Appearance Color Training 7. Color Matching Shade Guides Color Matching Conditions Color Matching Method Instruments For Color Maching In Dentistry Color Formulation In Dentistry 8. Communication Of Color And Appearance Verbal/Written Instructions Custom Made Or Modified Shade Guides/Tabs Traditional Film Photograhy Slide Films Digital Images Additional Considerations 9. Reproduction Of Color And Appearance Indirect Restorative Materials Direct Restorative Materials (Resin Composites) Color Correction Of Indirect Restorations

Part IV: DVD Instruction Manual Installing The Program Program Description Color Training Method Tips Conclusion

Author Information

By Rade Paravina; and John M. Powers, PhD, Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials, Director, Houston Biomaterials Research Center, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Dental Branch, Houston, TX