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Esthetic Dentistry: A Clinical Approach to Techniques and Materials

Numerous tables and boxes illustrate the properties of various materials and compare/contrast different products on the market. An invaluable troubleshooting guide presents different types of esthetic problems (such as size, discoloration, and spacing problems), potential solutions, and references to chapters where the specific problem is discussed in detail. Finally, the excellent 4-color art program of this book clearly depicts important concepts involving coloration and shading on both natural teeth and prostheses.

Book Info
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City, NY. Beautifully illustrated textbook and reference covering principles of esthetics, materials and techniques, clinical applications, and practice management. Previous edition: c1993. DNLM: Esthetics, Dental.

Author Information

By Kenneth W. Aschheim, DDS, FACD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Dentistry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY; Assistant Attending Dentist, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Private Practice, New York, NY; and Barry G. Dale, DMD, FACD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Dentistry, Mount Sinai School of Dental Medicine of New York University; Assistant Attending Denrist, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY, Private Practice, Englewood, NJ

Table of Contents
Section 1 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Guide
Section 2 Principles of Esthetics
Ch 1 Introduction to Esthetics
Ch 2 Fundamentals of Esthetics
Section 3 Esthetic Materials and Techniques
Ch 3 Dentin Bonding Agents
Ch 4 Color Modifiers and Opaquers
Ch 5 Composite Resin - Fundamentals and Direct Technique Restorations
Ch 6 Composite Resin - Indirect Technique Restorations
Ch 7 Ceramometal - Full Coverage Restorations
Ch 8 Porcelain - Full Coverage Restorations
Ch 9 Porcelain - Laminate Veneers and Other Partial Coverage Restorations
Ch 10

Adhesive Resin Bonded Cast Restorations
Ch 11

Acrylic and Other Resins - Provisional Restorations
Ch 12

Acrylic and Other Resins - Removable Prostheses
Ch 13

Bleaching and Related Agents
Section 4 Esthetics and Other Clinical Applications
Ch 14

Esthetics and Oral Photography
Ch 15

Esthetics and Electrosurgery
Ch 16

Esthetics and Implant Prosthetics
Ch 17

Esthetics and Pediatrics
Ch 18

Esthetics and Periodontics
Ch 19

Esthetics and Orthodontics
Ch 20

Esthetics and Oral Surgery
Ch 21

Esthetics and Implant Surgery
Ch 22

Esthetics and Laser Surgery
Ch 23

Esthetics and Plastic Surgery
Ch 24

Esthetics and Advanced Technology
Section 5 Esthetic Practice Management
Ch 25

Esthetics and Psychology
Ch 26

Esthetics and Dental Marketing
Ch 27

Esthetics and Dental Jurisprudence
Section 6 Appendices
App A

Custom Staining
App B

Ninety-Second Rubber Dam Placement
App C

Smile Analysis
App D

Sample Legal Forms
App E

List of Manufacturers
App F Index