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SUCCESS! in Dental Hygiene

Table of Contents
Section I. Scientific Basis for Dental Hygiene Practice

Chapter 1 — Anatomic Sciences
Ø Head and neck anatomy
Ø Dental Anatomy
Ø Histology and Embryology

Chapter 2 — Physiology
Ø Introduction
Ø Muscular system
Ø Nervous System
Ø Endocrine system
Ø Circulatory system
Ø Blood
Ø Respiratory system
Ø Lymphatic system
Ø Digestive system
Ø Urinary system
Ø Reproductive system

Chapter 3 — Biochemistry and Nutrition
Ø Nutrients
Ø Micronutrients (trace minerals)
Ø Macrominerals
Ø Microminerals (trace minerals)
Ø Nutrition in Oral Health
Ø Nutrition Screening
Ø Assessment of Nutritional Status
Ø Nutrition Assessment and Counseling
Ø Nutrition Considerations in the Life Cycle
Ø Oral conditions affecting nutrient intake

Chapter 4 — Microbiology and Immunology
Ø Microorganisms
Ø Growth and Cultivation of Microorganisms
Ø Disease Transmission
Ø Infectious diseases specific to the dental health provider
Ø Infections of the gastrointestinal tract
Ø Other important diseases
Ø Microorganisms of the oral cavity

Chapter 5 — Pathology
Ø Terminology and Definitions
Ø Anomalies of the oral cavity
Ø Cysts
Ø Benign Neoplasma
Ø Galavary gland pathology
Ø Infectious diseases
Ø Vesiculerosive diseases
Ø Blood dyscrasias
Ø Endocrine disorders
Ø Oral cancer
Ø Syndromes

Chapter 6 — Pharmacology
Ø Drug action and termination
Ø Adverse reactions
Ø Drug interactions
Ø Drugs used in dentistry
Ø Drugs that may affect patient treatment

Section II. Provision of Clinical Dental Hygiene Services

Chapter 7 — Assessing Patient Characteristics
Ø Medical and dental history
Ø Head and neck examination
Ø Periodontal evaluation
Ø Oral evaluation

Chapter 8 — Obtaining and interpreting Radiographs
Ø Radiation physics
Ø Production of radiation
Ø Image receptors
Ø Exposure factors
Ø Intraoral radiographic techniques
Ø Radiation biology and safety
Ø Radiographic infection control
Ø Darkroom processing and quality assurance
Ø Intraoral technical and processing error indentification and correction
Ø Panoramic radiography and error correction
Ø Localization techniques
Ø Radiographic anatomy
Ø Film mounting and duplication
Ø Interpretation

Chapter 9 — Planning/Managing Dental Hygiene Care
Ø Infection control (application)
Ø Recognition of emergency situations and provision of appropriate care
Ø Individualized patient education
Ø Anxiety and Pain Control
Ø Recognition and management of compromised patient

Chapter 10 - Performing periodontal procedures

Chapter 11 - Using Preventive Agents

Chapter 12 - Providing Supportive Treatment Services

Chapter 13 - Professional Responsibility

Section III — Community Health/Research Principles

Chapter 14 — Promoting Health and Preventing Disease within Groups

Chapter 15 — Participating in community Programs

Chapter 16 — Analyzing Scientific Literature, Understanding Statistical concepts, and Applying Research Results