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The Invisalign System

InseTable of Contents

Section I—History of the Concept
1. The Dental Contour Appliance: A Historical Review - Henry I. Nahoum
2. Essix Technology: Tooth Movement and Retention - John Sheridan
3. History and Overview of the Invisalign System - Trang Duong

Section II—Modeling in the Invisalign System
4. Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Materials - John M. Powers
5. Align's Standard on Quality Impressions - David Chenin
6. Scanning Process and Stereolithography - Srinivas Kaza
7. Invisalign Software - Andrew Beers
8. Virtual Diagnostic Setup - David Chenin and Kent Verdis
9. Attachments - Peter Knopp and Mitra G. Derakhshan
10. Invisalign Attachments: Materials - Eric Kuo and Trang Duong
11. ClinCheck: Overview and Preparation - Craig Crawford
12. Staging - Rene Sterental
13 Overcorrection: Principles and Considerations - Eric Kuo
14. Three-Dimensional Superimposition Tool - C. Van Nguyen and Jihua Cheng
15. Virtual Invisalign Practice - David Chenin
16. Computer-Oriented Dental Measurements - Vadim Matov

Section III—Performance Characteristics of the Invisalign System
17. Mechanics of Tooth Movement with Invisalign - Andrew Beers and Trang Duong
18. Applications of Mechanics with Invisalign - Heng Cao and Trang Duong
19. Biologic Elements of Tooth Movement - Orhan C. Tuncay
20. Properties of Aligner Material Ex30 - Robert Tricca and Chunha Li
21. Ex40 Material and Aligner Thickness - Trang Duong, Eric Kuo, and Mitra G. Derakhshan
22. Extraction Treatment with Invisalign - David E. Paquette
23. Force Application with Invisalign: Constancy and Compliance - Trang Duong and Robert Tricca

Section IV—Clinical Considerations in Using the Invisalign System
24. Advantages of the Invisalign System - Trang Duong and Mitra G. Derakhshan
25. Review of the Diagnostic Process - Robert L. Boyd
26. Interproximal Enamel Reduction - Rainer-Reginald Miethke and Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann 27. Facial Esthetic Examination and Analysis - Marc B. Ackerman
28. Surgical Treatment and Invisalign - Ross Miller and Trang Duong
29. Feasibility Study of the Invisalign System in Treatment of Adolescents - Andrew Trosien and Robert Fry
30. Data Mining: Principles and Considerations - Eric Kuo

Section V—Office Design and Technology
31. Invisalign Office Design and Technology - Orhan C. Tuncay, Marc S. Lemchen, and Agnes A. Kan


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