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We were carrying videos before deciding to specialize in books. We have one video left in this category, and have priced it for clearance.


Increasing Service Potential by Multiple Patient Scheduling by Gordon J. Christensen, D.D.S.
Item #
$120.00   from Practical Clinical Courses
Free shipping! SOLD OUT

The true TEAM approach. Assured to increase your practice productivity. Many dentists peak out their service potential at a time of their optimum ability and physical stamina. This occurs because they limit the size of their clinical facility, the delegation of functions to auxiliaries, and the interdigitation of their patient schedule. Included in this presentation are: determining your service potential desires; development of an adequate physical facility; training auxiliaries; the ideal scheduling person, treatment coordination, and controlling your practice.


Radio Success Package by Chris Kammer, D.D.S.
Item #101-1003
$189.00 from The Advertising Dentist

This audio tape features advertising expert Dr. Chris Kammer who tells you how to succeed in radio advertising and provides 25 sample ads. Included are two booklets, scripts for the ads, and a permission form to use the ads in your market.


Slam-Dunk Success in Dental Advertising by Chris Kammer, D.D.S.; Daniel Bobrow, John Christensen, Daniel King, Howie Horrocks, Marcia Lambert, and Julian Holmes
Item #101-1002
$499 from The Advertising Dentist
America's Dental Bookstore clearance price: $229.95. Free shipping!

This video series features 10 hours of the best in dental advertising and marketing, public relations, internet use, maximizing the media and many more proven ways of stimulating growth in your practice!

The Slam Dunk Success in Dental Advertising features the following experts:

John R. Christensen, M.S., founder of Chrisad, America's oldest & largest dental-only marketing agency.
Daniel R. King, Attorney, "Legal Rights in Advertising."
Daniel A. Bobrow, President and co-founder of American Dental Company, known for his "State of the Art in Dental Marketing" concepts.
Howie Horrocks, Author of "Unlimited New Patients."
Christian S. Kammer, DDS, Editor of "The Advertising Dentist" newsletter, the most experienced advertising dentist in the country.
Marcia Lambert, Director of CustomCare, "Success Without Selling."
Dr. Julian Holmes from England

Click Here to buy this video series from Mapletree Publishing Company.